Hydrographic Product Line Rolls Out

Hydrographic Product Line Rolls Out

With the ever-expanding interior options for business jets, Liberty Partners decided to continue the trend of expanding its innovative technologies by rolling out a new hydrographic line of products that combine customization with durability.

While this technology has finally found its way to the aviation market, hydrographic film dipping has been around for quite some time, mostly used on commercial applications such as automotive interior accents and even firearms.

The film-transfer process allows select surfaces of any aircraft to be bonded with a robust film and finished with a durable matte clear coat. Available in a variety of patterns, the surfaces can be customized to have a wood grain, metal, and carbon fiber look with many additional designer selections. Each customized piece is hand-treated by a team certified in hydrographic applications and finally inspected for customer satisfaction.

Hydrographic instrument panel with carbon fiber styling on a Cessna 180

One of the more popular requests the company receives is hydrographic instrument panels. Liberty Partners takes a cradle to grave approach that encompasses everything from the manufacturing of the instrument panel to engraving and lastly applying the customized graphic.

According to Liberty Partner’s Director of Operations Doug Bressler, “Hydrographics have given our customers the ability to add the personal touch throughout their aircraft. In business aviation, style and uniqueness are highly valued and owners appreciate going the extra mile for an aircraft that will turn heads.”