Growth Despite The Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought financial turmoil to companies in every industry, including business aviation.

According to Flight Radar Data, “Since the travel restrictions and shelter-in-place orders started in the second half of March, business aviation activity dropped precipitously, declining ahead of and faster than commercial flights. By the end of the month, flights stabilized at about 20-23% of prior year levels—about 5% lower than commercial aviation and far below the demand for Cargo aviation.”

However, amidst the current trends of reduced workforces, Liberty Partners committed to maintaining a full workforce. The decision yielded great success as Liberty Partners filled the need of many aviation companies struggling to keep up with incoming projects.

During the course of the pandemic, the company was able to expand its customer base offering fully dedicated support in engineering, manufacturing, and certification all while adhering to the CDC guidelines in safety protocol.